Castle Keeper

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How To Play: Castle Keeper

Key Features - Beautiful 3D graphics - Make your character stronger and defeat big armies - Defend your castle from hordes of various enemies - 100% free game - Fun and addictive gameplay - Easy to learn controls - For kids and adults - Game for girls and boys Instruction The main goal of the game is to protect the castle. To be stronger than the invaders, you need to upgrade your character. After passing all the waves, your hero will be sent to defend the other castle, where you will learn new skills and become even stronger.

About Castle Keeper

Your kingdom is under attack! The enemy’s forces are too great for you to handle on your own. You must call upon the help of other players in to repel the invaders and regain control of your territory. Fight as a team with other players from around the world in this online defense game. is an engaging tower defense game where you take on the role of a castle keeper and defend your palace from invading armies. Utilize different strategies such as using archer or melee troops to combat against enemy attackers or lead your army using ranged troops to bomb the enemy castles and destroy them before they reach your

In the Tower defense, you must protect the castle from invaders by placing different types of towers in order to attack the enemy. The game has 99 levels and 5 difficulty levels. Use your strategy, time your attacks, and place the towers in a way that best protects your castle. Fight enemies with towers of various strengths and abilities. Upgrade your towers to increase their strength and resilience as well as their speed and special ability. Test your skills against various monsters, bosses and other players around the world while working towards getting the top score

Are you ready to defend your castle from the invading hordes of raiders and warlords? Castle Keeper is a defense game in which your job is to protect your settlement from attacking orcs, trolls, and other hostile creatures. Build towers to repel incoming attackers, place strong defenses to keep out enemy parties, as well as carefully plan routes of attack so that each side has an equal chance of victory. Can you outwit and outbuild your enemy to remain Lord over Your