Cyberpunk World: Resistance

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How To Play: Cyberpunk World: Resistance

Using Mouse

About Cyberpunk World: Resistance

CyberPunk is a 2015 action-packed shooter game set in a cyberpunk future. You assume the role of a hacker who must fight for survival in an online world overrun by corporations and be tasked with eliminating cyber Dennis, the leader of the opposition hacking group known as you are able to eliminate Dennis, your task will be complete; however, if you fail, the world will continue to suffer from CoreGroup’s antics. The game has an emphasis on fun and shooting with futuristic weapons such as guns, grenades and swords. My favorite part about this game? It’s so much fun that it can easily be played in just 30 minutes. No need to spend countless hours mastering a video games genre or spending money on expensive

The Cyberpunk world is always being fought over and the stakes are always high. The future is bright, or it could be dark. In our world, there are those who fight for the side of light and freedom against those that fight for the shadows and slavery. These battles are fought on many different fronts with many different players. Each player has their own agenda and they all play by their own rules. What they cannot do is stop fighting each other in order to gain territory or achieve their own

The world has been overrun by an alien race known as the Reds. In an effort to stop them, the Earth government created a military force called the Cyberpunk Resistance (CPR). But this group has its work cut out for it because the Reds are online and have declared war on humanity. You’ll need to master your skills and form teams to take on various challenges in the game. Use your skills and tactical thinking to