Evil Granny: Horror Village

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How To Play: Evil Granny: Horror Village

Using Mouse

About Evil Granny: Horror Village

You are in a remote house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There is no one you can contact for help, and the phone isn’t working too. But what if someone was to show up at your door claiming that your home is unfit for human habitation? What if they would give you a warning about living alone, and then come back later with a gang of friends? It’s probably best not to answer that last one. You have been given this three-star rating due to some very minor disturbances that occurred within my home. I believe them to be harmless but old news, so I decided to ignore them at first. However, when they kept happening consistently over time, I realized it wasn’t safe for me here. So, here is my story — how I went from being contented in my own home to being terrorized by ghosts and