Gold Tower Defense

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How To Play: Gold Tower Defense

Using Mouse

About Gold Tower Defense

An Endless Tower Defense game where you have to protect the tower from waves of invaders by means of launching powerful

The Tower Defense genre has been around for some time now,but its fast-paced,action-packed nature rarely sees it get the recognition it developer Airship Syndicate has noticed this and is doing everything in their power to change Airship Syndicate's new tower defense game,Defense Grid: Shadow of War,the player takes on the role of a commanding general who must protect his land from invading armies by building and equipping towers that shoot balls of light at various monsters. These monsters will come in various sizes and shapes,including buildings,landmarks and even people. Each monster type will have different colors (called Primary Colors) which indicate different characteristics and resistances to different tower types. To defend against these attacks,the general builds a series of towers which shoot light based projectiles at the monsters or deal damage to them directly. Each tower type comes with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages as well as specific secondary effects when used together. These towers are called Towers in Defense Grid: Shadow of War and can be built anywhere with enough space but they must be placed strategically to provide cover for other Towers or be used offensively to destroy enemy towers. The general can also call on other generals via teleporters to aid them in battle or lead their troops personally. The outcome of each battle is based on how many Walls (Towers),Lairs (Monsters)and Arches (Enemies)are destroyed by the general's team before time runs

A Tower Defense game where you control a team of heroes as they save the world from invasion by fighting monsters and evil spirits. You must upgrade your units by spending points in different areas of the Tower Defense screen, which will determine what kind of defense your team will have against the invaders. In this Tower Defense game, you can play for free or Paid Mode. In Paid Mode, you will need to buy a Gold Pack to continue playing. It costs real money to play in any mode other than Free Mode. There are some exceptions however, and you can see more information about that here: