Idle Miner Space Rush

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How To Play: Idle Miner Space Rush

Using Mouse

About Idle Miner Space Rush

Adrift in the starry expanse of space, you pilot an excavator-smasher in your quest to colonize distant planets. The game is played from an isometric perspective, and your excavator can be controlled either by tilting the device or tilt-tracking a cursor on the screen. Orbital mechanics are also a prominent feature in Miner, with each level requiring you to shoot down meteors and other objects that threaten to crash into your mining station. Grown up gamers will love this retro-futuristic action game because it’s simple and easy to learn, yet challenging enough to keep them coming back for more. Idle Miner Space Rush, game, adventure, arcade, nano Immersive retro pixel art adventure game Pixel gun is back! In this nostalgic pixel shooter, you are an earthy elf tasked with saving the world from certain destruction by transporting a meteorstone from below ground level to safely above. Shoot alien invaders, avoid falling rocks and guide the stone safely through the perilous levels in this old school throwback experience from MidBoss development studio developers of Mighty Gunvolt Burst. Idle Miner Space Rush, game, adventure, arcade, nano Idle Miner Space Rush gameplay image Idle Miner SpaceRush Adventure gameplay image Idle Miner SpaceRush Gameplay image Idle Miner SpaceRush Gameplay video Adventure Mobile Game - iOS / AndroidIt's amazing how much time we waste sitting at our respective devices playing video games instead of getting things done around us! With so many distractions available today

In this game, you play as a miner who has to explore the alien world of Pidyon II. You can blast your way through the DtP’s many obstacles by deploying various types of mines. As you mine, you will discover items called ‘Miners’ that can be used in place of explosives when destroying rocks and obstructions. The more Miner’s you have at your disposal, the better off you are! The controls are simple. Your left wrist controls movement while your right wrist controls gravity. With some practice, switching between mine and Gravity mode is not difficult, but it may take a moment to get used to… After all, this isn’t any old game… A fully 3D world that is both challenging and

Theme - Miner Mario, Adrift On An Island, A Misfit In An Freelance Astronaut? All of These Guys Have Solo Adventures in Solo Minigames That Can Be Played From Home Or An Amusement Park. Idle Miner is a single-screen indie game that follows the exploits of an unnamed miner who’s left his job, girlfriend and home to pursue a life as an adventurer. You play as Idle Miner in this Roguelike Mining Simulation Adventure. You’ll mine gold, win contests and meet new friends in this colorful Roguelike MineCraft