Siren Apocalyptic

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How To Play: Siren Apocalyptic

Using Mouse

About Siren Apocalyptic

In this game you are a siren who is trying to save mankind from an apocalyptic world! The apocalypse has come and all the creatures of the sea have turned against mankind. They want to eat us out of existence. As a siren, your task is to fight back, lure the creatures back into the sea and help humanity avoid an extinction-level event. You control your waves with a single arrow, shoot projectiles with wall-rattling guns, and use different powers like sonic attacks, vortexes or lightning bolts. Have you got what it takes to prevail? Can you become the new legend in the apocalypse? This game is inspired by videogames such as Resident Evil and Halo series. The gameplay is very similar with those games - you play as a Siren who must fight back against monstrous waves, strange fish and other sirens to keep mankind safe from